Monday, April 1, 2013

Not-So-Foolish 40

It's April Fools' Day! Oh wait, you already knew that. And no, I don't have some fantastic prank to share. (I did consider hiding all of the TV remotes and iPad from Matt but didn't get around to doing it before leaving for work, so I'll just save that for next year. Shhh - don't tell him!)

But as I was reflecting on the fact that it was 1) April 1st and 2) the end of Lent, I realized that it had been close to 40 days since I'd written a blog post. Not exactly a great track record for someone whose 2013 resolution was - and I quote - "to be waaay better about blogging in 2013." Whoops.

So, I've decided to challenge myself a little this week. I'm talking multiple blog posts - all in an effort to reflect on 40 things I'd be foolish not to be thankful for. Some are a little silly, some maybe a little sarcastic but I swear some of it is serious. Without further ado, here's my Not-So-Foolish 40:

40. Faith -- We all go through trying times, and I'm sincerely thankful for my relationship with Him. I've been able to trust that He has a plan for me, even if the details get blurry at times.

39. Baseball season! -- It's opening day, my friends. One of my favorite days of the year. As I write this, the Braves just clinched their first win of the season. #undefeated #sofarsogood 
Opening Day 2009. Also known as the day it "tornado-caned" at Turner Field. After almost a three-hour rain/hail/wind/tornado watch delay, The Ted almost ran out of beer. 
38. Wireless Internet -- I tried to explain dial-up Internet to my younger cousins a few years ago. I imitated the whole pattern of sounds that our computer used to make when you were logging on. I'm pretty sure they hadn't ever heard anything like the noises that came out of my mouth.

37. Spray paint -- I love spray paint. It's a cheap, essential tool for any DIYer. And you know you have an addiction when you have a list of spray paint projects saved on your phone. #dork
Yep. I'm going to make yet another chalkboard. I have a problem, don't you think?
36. DVR -- This technological innovation has changed the way I watch TV. Unless it's sports or my Saturday morning Food Network fix, I hardly ever watch a TV show live.

35. Coffee -- It wasn't until I was laid off from my first big girl job that I realized that I was an addict. No more free coffee every day?! #@$&%!

34. Hashtags -- #seriously #noseriously #imnotkidding #idtypelikethisalldaylongifitwasprofessionallyacceptable

#moretocometomorrow #nightnight!

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