Monday, May 6, 2013

Home Improv-isation: Part 1

It was a busy weekend 'round these here parts. That is to say I am super thankful that the nasty Atlanta weather pretty much let me clear my agenda to tackle a bunch of projects around the house. And I'm also thankful that my husband's semester is over, which means I was easily able to sweet-talk him into helping me finish said projects. (I'm also pretty sure that he doesn't trust me with his drill, so it really doesn't take much convincing.)

All of the projects that were completed this weekend have one major thing in common ...  I had to improvise. Thus, I bring you the latest installment of Life @ Laurel ... Home Improv-isation: Part 1.

Exhibit A - Dining Room Curtains

And the curtains were hung by my husband with care ... in hopes that soon enough I'd get out of his hair ...
I'd been poking around for a set of dining room curtains for a while now, and finally found some (and on sale!) at West Elm. When I placed my order I learned they were back ordered, but then they actually arrived a lot faster than West Elm promised -- which was great! So, Saturday morning I dug through the small pile curtain rods that came with us when we moved and found one long enough. Awesome.

But ... no mounting brackets to be found. Of course. I had to make a quick run to Target anyway (I mean, seriously, what trip to Target is ever quick?!), so I added mounting brackets to my list. And wouldn't you know it -- you can't just buy curtain rod mounting brackets -- you gotta buy the whole package. Well, I wasn't about to do that. So, I improvised.

I'd already picked up two packs of hooks for our closets, and as I looked at the pile of goodies in my hands (Yes, hands. I no longer use a basket or cart at Target unless I have Sloan with me. Because if I just use my hands, I actually walk out only with what I intended to purchase.) I realized that these robe hooks would probably be the perfect size for this curtain rod. So I wandered back and grabbed two more packs.

I have a funny feeling that Julie Nobles is going to like these curtains! 
It wasn't until I took this close-up that I realized Matt decided that just one screw is all that was needed to hold this in place. Works for me!
Doesn't look too bad, huh? OK, maybe the close-up looks a little wonky. But, not too shabby for only $3.

Exhibit B: Breakfast Nook Curtains

I'm a big fan of discount retailers like Joss & Main, One Kings Lane and Zulily. When I was still super sleep deprived during Sloan's infancy, I had a VERY bad habit of shopping online in my sleep. Literally. I'd get up with her for the "zero dark thirty" feeding and pass time looking at stuff online. Then -- oops! I bought stuff. (Too much stuff.)

Like these curtains, for example! For our breakfast nook, I was thinking that a simple valance would do the trick. These are actually curtain panels that originally had little ties at the top for you to tie around the top of a curtain rod. I just cut the ties off, turned the panels horizontal and then folded them down to the right size, then sewed a pocket rod into the fabric to hold it all in place.

Wait ... did you think that I actually sewed these? Ha! No - I didn't sew anything. I grabbed the first roll of packing tape I found in the garage and taped these bad boys together.

Matt said I shouldn't expect this tape to hold for very long. Maybe I actually will be forced to try to sew them together at some point.
I love the color that this adds to our breakfast nook, and I don't think the tape is visible to the nekkid eye (unless you've read this blog, and then you're in on the secret!). So far, these have been holding up pretty well. However, I can't say the same thing about one of the other projects I "finished."

More to come about that soon -- as soon as I find my duck tape ...