Thursday, January 31, 2013

Better Late Than Never

Well, it's January 31st. And when the peach dropped at midnight one month ago, I made a resolution to be waaay better about blogging in 2013. OK, I didn't actually make the resolution at midnight - it was a few days later, but you get my point. So, I guess it's time that I get serious about this blog and start updating it regularly. Better late than never, right?

One of my favorite photos from our NYE photo booth.
 Are you wondering about the name of this blog? Thought so. Back in September, we moved clear across two zip codes to a new neighborhood, into a home that just so happens to be on Laurel Drive - hence the blog name. (Sidebar: Being named Lauren and moving to Laurel Drive has already been entertaining for me. All of the customer service folks with credit card/utility/insurance companies that I've spoken with have made the exact.same.joke: "Oh, that must be easy for you to remember!" And then I say: "What - my address, or my name?" And oh my do we all have such a good laugh!)

And here's your disclaimer: This blog will more than likely have lots of updates about our baby girl, and I'm sure I will go on and on (and on and on) about just how adorable she is. Duh. But I hope this blog goes beyond that. Let's use what happens in our daily lives as an excuse to stop.pause.reflect a moment. Because if there's anything that I've learned in the past 6 months, it's that life sure doesn't slow down - no matter how much you might want to freeze time. It's up to you to take a moment and take those mental snapshots.

Sloan - 4 weeks young. I love how giant this bow looks on her in this picture. I should post a recent photo of her with the bow on so you can gauge just how much she's grown. Head in the 99th percentile - beauty AND brains!
I hope that everyone who reads this blog gets to laugh (a lot), cry (a little) and laugh some more right along with us. And if you're reading this - thanks. Thanks for being interested enough in our little corner of the world to stop by.

Now y'all come on back now, ya hear?